This year seems to be the year that VR is really going to take-off. I’ve watched a lot of old sci-fi movies where they’ve dreamt-up VR contraptions, obviously they didn’t look like the kind of things we’re starting to see now but the idea has been there for a long-time. I definitely think that its took a lot longer to become a reality, excuse the pun, than a few people would have thought. Anyway, who cares, now it looks like there’s really been some evolution in the technology and we’re starting to hear more and more about VR related kit.

Sony PlayStation VR

All you need to go along with Sony’s VR headset is a PS4 which will definitely work in their favour when they’re trying to shift headsets. It’s going to be very gamer focused as that’s their main demographic but for a lot of people, this will be a good introduction into the world of VR and will give people an early taste of what’s to come over the next few years as the technology broadens.

HTC Vive TBD & The Oculus Rift

Both of these devices will work alongside your PC which will obviously need to be equipped with a pretty decent specification in order to function successfully. You’ll get various other contraptions thrown-in to compliment the VR headset. They’ll cost a lot more than Sony’s version and will be looking at more than just the gaming aspects of VR. Apparently, a VR game for instance, would require around 7x the amount of power compared to a standard game. This is serious demand so there will be a lot of testing needed to discover benchmarks.

So there’s a glimpse into the future, hope you enjoyed it. Maybe we’ll talk a little bit further down the line about VR once some of this kit has been released to the masses and tried out fully.