As you know by now, I love my technology. I’ve just come across another cool piece of tech which has caught my attention. Has anybody heard of Ultra Short Throw Projectors?

Well these projectors are portable and can turn any of your flat wall surfaces into a TV. The small projector can beam an image from just a very short distance which is why it stands out from other types of projector. The smaller portable version from Sony will reproduce HD footage but if you want to go for their bigger 4K version and have the cash handy, then you can. It isn’t portable as such but its sleek design and the fact that you can set it up closer to a wall than with older style projectors will definitely be a draw for a lot of people. You could easily move it into the garden or into a different room to suit.

The smaller projector can achieve an autofocused 1366 x 768 image anywhere between 22 and 80 inches depending on what you want. This will be at 100 lumens. It can be battery powered and can last around 2 hours with a single charge. You can integrate into your home setup via blue-tooth, WiFi and HDMI. A good accompaniment for either of their projectors mentioned here would be their soon to be released glass speaker. It's a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker which is encased in glass tubing. It has lighting at the base of the speaker and around the rim. Look out over the next few months as these start to arrive on the market. They’re certain to be a popular choice for consumers.