Following on from my last post titled 'Too much technology?' I want to consider whether technology and sustainability can go hand in hand?

As a big consumer of technology I have started to consider recently whether I can still live a somewhat eco-conscious lifestyle. So my question is, can technology be sustainable or is this concept just too paradoxical?

Thinking about it, technology, in particular the internet, allows access to data on such issues as environmentalism and sustainability that would otherwise be almost inaccessible and is also a great forum for people to voice concerns on this issue, so the internet is actually one technology that can be considered to aid environmental developments and changes.

On a similar footing, the use of computerised systems and electronic transactions reduce the amount of physical resources that need to be used on a day to day basis, so again can be seen as another pro in technological advancement.

In regards to mobile technology, advances mean that consumers can reduce the amount of products they use and instead invest in a multipurpose smartphone. These days, there are smartphones tailored to all users, featuring high quality cameras, office facilities, the latest music technology and apps that allow your phone to do and be pretty much whatever you want.

Technology in the home is also making greater strides towards sustainability. Power management systems are set to be the next big thing in which consumers are able to manage and monitor the technology they use. The integrated system uses renewable energy and aims to conserve energy whilst showing consumers how much they are using and how their habits affect the amount of energy consumed.

So to answer my initial question, Yes I do think technology and sustainability can work together. I believe as intellectual consumers that we should think about the technology we use and try to consume it in a responsible and innovative way.  I would be interested to know what other people think about this…