Segway & Swegway; New Craze for 2016!


So after last year there was the celebrity storm of the “Swegway” or “Hoverboard”, with famous people from all over the planet being pictured or film doing crazy stuff on them. This shows no signs of slowing down in 2016 as the general public want a piece of the action. Even strict laws from police are not tempering the craze of 2016. Who would have thought this would happen, 15 years after the Segway was still released??


With the Segway itself being an expensive and somewhat cumbersome device, the much more nimble smaller version has really taken off. It’s much smaller and easier to use and is also obviously a lot cheaper!


I even found a great looking blog on the Segway, so it is clear that the item is still popular among some of the people on the planet. If you want to find some really useful information about the Segway, then look out for Segway for sale, you can also find information on where is the best place to buy one for yourself, as there is a growing trend and everyone wants a piece of the action, and if you’re lucky you can find cheap ones that were maybe unwanted Christmas gifts.


So if you are a big fan of football and want to relax and have fun in the way that some footballers do, then go check out the Swegway, some of the best football players are doing it, players from Liverpool and Real Madrid! Or some of the very famous musicians and pop stars, literally everyone is at it. If you haven’t tried one out, then I suggest you go do it.


Do be careful though of laws in whatever country you are in, some are more lenient than others so it is best to always be aware. We want to have fun but we don’t want to get in trouble with the police for it! Be safe guys!