Hello guy's ! I'm a big fan of smartphones and I often watch the news and the last new is quite funny :
Samsung has accidentally broadcast a video of his Galaxy S7 Edge, showing the new features that will be included within the new smartphones for the firm. Among the latter, include Wireless charging and water resistant. Although we have already had such information in the past, the fact that the video is published by the South Korean firm itself suggests that these characteristics will be well integrated in future smartphones.
The video shows what the company called "TheNextGalaxy". But there is no mention of the name of the smartphone in the video. The one minute clip shows the walker Indonesian Dellie Threesyadinda using the smartphone from Samsung during his training, saying its qualities : its heavy duty design, its improved camera, and showing the smartphone on a wireless charging mat.
The smartphone shown in the video seems very similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge +, but we can think  that is the Galaxy S7 Edge with its 5.5-inch screen.
The fact that it can survive and function under a flood suggests that the smartphone will be water and dust resistant, making it compatible with degree of protection IP68 as rumors sayed. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will not be the first Galaxy jewels to offer such a feature. Indeed, Samsung has introduced the feature with its range of smartphones 'Active', and then added it to his S5 Galaxy.
However, she dropped the feature last year by opting for a premium for its flagship smartphone materials. This year, it seems Samsung has so maybe found a way to introduce resistance to water by using other materials.
The video also shows the woman using his Galaxy S7 Edge with a smartwatch Gear S2, which it uses to follow his training, and consult its health data. One can also imagine that the Galaxy S7 Edge (and the Galaxy S7) will focus on the follow-up of the physical condition, perhaps with a new version of S Health, and new sensors to monitor your activities and your health statistics.
I think that the next smartphone of samsung will be my next purchase.... ahah