Samsung Galaxy S5

Hello Folks, good to be back on here, today I want to talk about my Samsung galaxy S5. I have been a lover of Samsung and their Smartphones ever since they released the first one all those years ago.Don’t get me wrong I have had Apple’s IPhones and Computers but the layout and all out sys functionality isn’t for me. But Samsung has everything covered from the sleek design to great specs and an awesome experience. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best phone I have ever owned, it never lets me down, even after being dropped multiple times. The one bad thing I have to say about the Samsung S5 and it’s not really the Samsung’s fault, I updated the Samsung to the latest version of Marshmallow and just wished I never bothered. The new software doesn’t work so well with the old hardware but you can down-date it back to the original Android system.

Android has an amazing operating system that usually works perfectly without any bumps in the road along the way. That would be any model they make apart from their new note 7 that seems to be blowing up and seriously damaging people, this is something they need to get under control ASAP. This is no minor hick-up when you are endangering your customer, but never the less I’m sure it won’t hurt the sales and they will have the problem fixed in no time. I think the Samsung G S5 was the first dust and water resistant phone that actually worked, this is an area of the phone that has proved very useful for me personally due to how clumsy I am, the phone is a solider. Just to finish off I am about to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and see what I think, but I will always be keeping my S5 as a work/back up phone if it’s ever needed.