So what on Earth is all this who-ha! about with Pokemon Go? It seems like everyone is going mad for it but I don’t really get what all the fuss is about. Maybe I’m just a bit too old to appreciate it but it just seems like a load of rubbish to me. I saw some guys playing it in the bar the other day & the Pokemon appeared on one of the bar stools so they were trying to fire at it. I wondered what the hell they were doing until the person next to me pointed out that they were playing Pokemon Go. That’s basically when I actually decided to read up on it a bit to find out what exactly you have to do with this game. I’ve got to say, it seems a little dangerous to me, people just wondering around the streets trying to find Pokemon. They could end up down a dark alley, end up walking into the middle of the road, that sort of thing. They seem so caught up in their own little Pokemon world that they forget where they are. Of course, my little nieces & nephews love it but I do worry about them getting too tangled up with the game & gettingthemselves into mischief. My fears appear well-founded as the net is covered with stories of people having accidents as a result of the game.




Can someone out there sell this to me? I want to know what’s so great about it so I’d love to get some feedback on my blog? Are there some benefits to come from it all?


Look forward to your responses.