So I’m at the predicament again where I need to buy a new smartphone. My friend recently purchased a brand spanking new IPhone 6 Plus – he was one of those guys who actually lined up outside the Apple store for it. Admittedly, I think Apple have greatly improved the look and feel of their product, as well as providing their usual smooth and quick interaction. I will admit, I definitely kind of like it.

Traditional thought advocates that buying an Apple product makes you feel like you are buying into a brand, after all, it’s not just any phone, it’s an IPhone! That said, there has been a lot of talk recently indicating a dip in popularity with the infamous brand. With this in mind I decided to pursue a mini research project in which I delved into the real pros and cons of the brand and whether Apple technology is really any better than the hundreds of other smartphones on the market.

Things are changing in the world of smartphones in which functionality becomes a lot less about hardware and more about the software that a phone offers. This shift has undoubtedly caused Apple a bit of a headache. It means for instance that the apps a phone has dominates the functionality of the product and paves the way for companies like Google. After all, Apple has made it clear in the past that it aims to be a one man operating system but the repercussions of which have made their  products seem less flexible and user-friendly.  Many argue though, that to try and counteract this problem IPhone has lost touch with its Apple identity and has instead become a pawn in the ever expanding Google network. Web browsing, maps, email, calendar and Google Now allow for a personal integrated system that is able to work independently from the phone its self. This in turn, makes buying into a brand like Apple a lot less important and may therefore explain the recent dip in the brands popularity.



So what does the latest IPhone from Apple actually offer?

Well, it is currently the only phone on the market to offer 3D touch display which responds to pressure, allowing for quick and seamless interaction.  Next on the list is a seriously good camera in which Apple now offers a 12-MP camera and 4K video display. They have also worked on FaceTime HD in which Retina flash boosts the screen brightness and acts similar to using a normal flash boasting great ‘selfie’ capabilities. Perhaps most significant, and perhaps one of the simplest factors to consider when looking at an IPhone is in fact, merely, how simple it is to use, something that Android phones have tried to overcome but just can’t quite grasp like Apple have. I think for that reason alone they will continue to reign, possibly…

So, other phones on the market, contrary to Apple, seem to be embracing software development and openly encourage multiple user interfaces, apps and technologies. It therefore seems a natural progression to have a look at a phone that is actually powered by Google itself;

Nexus 6P

Similar to the IPhone it boasts a 12-MP camera, as well as good, solid stereo speakers and a rear fingerprint sensor (called Nexus imprint). Powered by Google the phone makes great use of Google Now your own personal assistant that aims to predict what you want and need to know. It creates a user interface that answers questions, makes recommendations and performs actions.

On the downside, the Nexus 6P, like many Android phones looks a little generic, something Apple have never had to worry about. 



The next phone I decided to look at is the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, set to be one of the big contenders in the coming year.

Asus wins on megapixels with a 13-MP camera and features laser beam technology to generate the best possible focus when capturing pictures. After great efforts were made to adjusting the design of the phone Asus have managed to achieve a whopping 70% screen to body ratio which makes for great picture and video capturing, game play and movie viewing.

So, after great deliberation and comparison I decided that I still buy into the Apple brand and would really like to get my hands on an IPhone 6 plus.

So my next question is where do I buy one?

The big weight here is price, unlike my friend (mentioned above) I can’t afford to cue outside the Apple store and so plan to purchase my smartphone online. I have found a site called that seems to offer some good deals for brand new smartphones.



After further consideration though I have decided to go down the second hand route as the prices for brand new IPhones even on sites like the one just mentioned are still a little out of my league. After doing a lot of research and after scouring the web for second hand IPhones I came across a used IPhone for sale. The prices here are way more in my league and the sight seems professional with good user reviews.

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts or advise on this before I make my finale decision!