A brand that I think seriously deserves a mention at the moment when it comes to smartphone’s, is Huawei. It’s great that Apple and Samsung aren’t the only one’s battling it out anymore at the top of the smartphone market.

Huawei’s latest model is taking all the accolades and the brand now has a much greater following as a result of their last few models. Inside there’s an Octa-core Kirin 950 processor which has a combination of both four Cortex-A72 and for Cortex-A53 CPU cores. You’ll also get 3- 4Gb of RAM with the ARM’s Mali-T880 GPU. OK, you may wonder what the hell all that means. I’m not entirely sure myself but one thing is for sure, the phone will be rapid and super powerful. You won’t have to worry about multi-tasking judging by those numbers. The battery is going to be 4,000mAh which is huge. It sounds like it’s needed though with all that power inside.

The interface is apparently a bit unnecessarily over complicated but you don’t have to worry about any lagging when navigating through apps and screens. You can easily customize it to how you’d like it anyway so that’s no big issue. Speaking of screens, it boasts a 6-inch display and is capable of 1080p so again, this proves the Mat 8 is up there with the competition and the large screen will surely appeal to the phablet market.

Early reports suggest that there may be other phones out there with better cameras and camera functions but this is still a high performer in that area. The phone doesn’t have a USB port, surprisingly as it’s quite large but you’ll be able to get convertors etc or use other means of data transfer. The phones meant to handle quite well considering its size and also looks the part. All-in-all it sounds like a really good piece of kit so I’m looking forward to trying one out at some point and hearing some more feedback from reviewers.