Finding a Fun Way to get out of the Family Home:


Living with my uncle and two aunts means that I need to escape from the house and I do this often! I recently took up golf as a hobby but I’m not one to do things by halves so I actually bought my own golf buggy, which is a dream come true. I can’t tell you how much fun it is racing, or maybe snailing, around the gold course on my golf buggy!  I’ve had this little dream machine for about a month now. It came about after a drunken conversation with an acquaintance down my local drink hole. Seven pints of ale in and I somehow ended up agreeing to buy his golf buggy! Now, having bought this golf buggy secondhand and not having any contact details for the acquaintance in question, I have no idea where to buy spare parts for the golf buggy from.



Shredding the Tires of My New Golf Buggy:


After going a little bit crazy over using the gold buggy, I have completely shredded a couple of the tires and I now need to find some used golf tires for sale. To buy golf tires brand new will literally cost me an arm and a leg! I bought the buggy at a very low price and, from what I have seen on the website, it’s going to cost me more to replace the tires than it did to buy the golf buggy in the first place! 


Finding used Golf cart Tires for Sale:


I am enjoying my golf buggy so much that I really don’t want to part with it so I must find some decent quality used golf cart tires for sale somewhere. Help!! There are some used golf cart tires for sale on this website: used golf cart tires but I have no idea of the quality or whether or not they will fit my golf buggy. Can anyone help me with this problem?  There’s so much jargon involved with buying these things that I just don’t understand, such as ‘physical magnitude’. I just don’t know what level of physical magnitude I need in used golf cart tires because I don’t know what my golf buggy needs.


How to Find Out the Model Number of My Golf Buggy:


Does anyone have any idea on how I can acquire this information? I don’t know the model or brand because the buggy came to me unbranded and with no model number! So it’s a bit of a dilemma for me.


Taking a Dip in a Golf Buggy:


But I must say, having a golf cart is so much fun. You should all try it. One of my brother’s colleagues was recently shamed and sent home from his work Christmas party. The party was being held in a hotel that doubled up as a golf resort. This colleague of my brother got very inebriated and drove the hotel golf buggy into the hotel swimming pool. At the time I thought “what kind of idiot would do such a thing?” but I’m having so much fun with my golf cart, or at least I was till I shredded the tires, that I can completely understand how he managed to get so drunk and take the golf buggy on a kamikaze ride – one that landed him in the water. Haha!


Speedy Gonzales on the Golf Course:


I almost drove my golf buggy into a massive tree the other day. I was trying to see how fast I could get her to go and I drove really really fast down hill, straight towards the tree line. A quick and terrifying swerve to the left and I narrowly escaped crashing the buggy and potentially harming myself quite badly. But that’s not going to stop me. As soon as I replace the tires I shall be back on the golf course, cruising around and crossing my fingers that I don’t get banned from the place! Sometimes I do wonder if I should have just stuck to getting my thrills from computer games but at least I get to fulfill my childish desires and pump up my adrenalin in the great and beautiful outdoors!


I hope you enjoyed my blog today, which took a slightly different direction to my usual posts. I look forward to writing to you all again soon. Bye for now.