Thought I'd deviate slightly from Technology for this article. I currently live at home with my Uncle and my two Aunts so my bedroom is my little escape. Initially I was just using the room as a bit of a dumping ground for all my stuff and was having to clamber over everything just to get to my bed. I then found myself needing a little more of my own space so I decided to clean the room up, move some stuff around and make it a little more spacious so I can retreat there and not feel all cramped-up and claustrophobic. I’ve kept furniture to a minimal so just have a small clothes rail for some of my clothes that need hanging and a small chest of draws for my undies and some of the other clothes that are ok folded-up. Besides my double bed, there’s really only a small bedside table and a small computer desk. Unfortunately, that leaves absolutely no room for anything else. I’ve already put my flat-screen TV on a wall bracket along with my cable box and DVD player. I wanted to keep the computer desk ideally but as I now use my laptop and tablet rather than the desktop, I’m thinking of ditching it and freeing-up the space.

How big is small?

Obviously with a room so small, you don’t just have the option of freeing-up space so everything looks more open, it’s usually because you have something in mind that you want to take its place. I’ve been working out measurements as I’d really like a small sofa in the room somewhere just so I’m not always lying on or in the bed when I’m in my room. It would also mean I could invite guests to the room and they’d have somewhere else to sit other than the bed. Now I don’t have a massive space after doing the measurements as one can imagine so I can’t afford to just buy any sofa and hope it fits. About the only real choice I can make as far as what size I get, is whether I go for a small L-shaped sofa for the corner of the room or a slightly wider but still small sofa to go at the back of the room facing towards the TV. I’ve always wanted an L-shape sofa but have never owned one so that’s tempting but I’d always had something bigger in mind like one with a built-in recliner and foot rest. I have to accept the rooms limitations and also the limitation of my budget.

Finding somewhere to buy

I wasn’t too sure how small these L-shaped sofas went and whether I’d get one small enough for the space. The other thing that had crossed my mind was a sofa that doubles as a bed. I’d then have to go for the standard shape but at a push I could definitely fold the bed out to the space in the middle of the room. This would be great if friends need a place to stay but it would get a bit cramped. It would also be nice to have a small coffee table in-front of the sofa which wouldn’t really be practical with a sofa bed. I’ve been checking out the range at sofasofa and they do have a great choice but it just seems that sofas are so expensive these day’s brand new, even for just a small one like I’m after.

Thinking about second-hand

This has led me to turn to the second-hand market to see if there’s anything I can get that’s preowned but still in good condition. I was thinking that this way, I could get something a little smarter even if it’s got the odd nick or two. After-all, I could always stick a throw-over on it to cover up any marks, no biggie. I’ve struggled to find any second-hand L-shaped one’s that meet my size requirements and fear if I want to go that route, I’m going to have to buy from new. I have however found some really cheap small standard shaped sofas that could be a possibility and have also found a sofa bed which could fit the room too. Checkout small sofas for sale which is where I’m looking at the moment.

Any input folks?

I’m really trying to way-up my options. I’d love a nice sofa but the money could be spent elsewhere and that’s the problem. I’m going to take another month to decide as I don’t want to rush into a decision so if in the meantime, anybody reading the article has any ideas on where I can buy or what I should buy then please don’t hesitate to share your advice as I’d be keen to listen to suggestions. Hope to hear some comments but I’ll keep looking and see what jumps out at me.