Hi folks. I wanted to touch on Android apps today and why paying for your own bespoke app can be a great idea in today’s modern, fast-moving business environment. Many businesses have raised concerns over recent years that one-package-fits-all style software packages are less and less the solution they need for their respective businesses. They need and want specific solutions for their very unique business requirements. That is where a bespoke business app can be of great use in capturing a huge android based market and they do not cost a fortune to get developed. Let’s discuss specifics as to why you should hire somebody to build you an app.

  • A bespoke app will do exactly what you want it to do and perform the functions required by your business processes, saving you time ultimately. There is no deadwood as there can be with off-the-shelf-solutions.

  • It costs no more to have an app developed than it does for an off-the-shelf software license over a number of years. Save yourself some cash and get a targeted solution!

  • Unlike with an off-the-shelf product, a bespoke, private app ensures all your business processes remain in house and cannot be reverse engineered by outsiders

  • Customer support will be more targeted and delivered in a more efficient and timely fashion as you will be dealing with the developer who designed your app rather than a trouble shooter on help desk.

All-in-all, considering a bespoke app is most definitely a must in the modern world over just buying a standard software solution. Be sure to price up your own custom made solution in the future before handing over cash for a lacklustre option. That is it from me for this post folks. Until next time! Speak soon!