Hi folks! Sorry it has been a while. I’ve been away for a few weeks on holiday to Italy. I love everything Italian; the food, the wine, the fashion, the language, the architecture, the history, the climate and especially the coffee! Hmmmmmm, coffee! I love it in all it’s forms but nothing beats a pot of freshly ground beans brewed up in your own home and enjoyed on the sofa! Freeze dried granules are ok if you are in a hurry, as is a Costas or Starbucks if you’re out and about. But if you truly want to enjoy a cup of coffee as it was intended to be served, then you should really be making your own. And of course, to do this you will need your own coffee machine!

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes and at a variety of prices. Some are intended for domestic use in the home while others are intended for commercial use in cafes, bars and restaurants. The latter variety tend to be prohibitively expensive for an individual looking to purchase a coffee maker for private use. And they can be so big and technical that they are really not suited for use in the average house kitchen. So we need to look at those intended for the domestic market. To truly get an idea of the range of machines out there and compare them against each other you could do worse than to check out this website by clicking here: coffee machine for sale

But in the meantime I am going to recommend a few that i have come across since becoming a coffee drinking enthusiast.

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Recommended Coffee Machines

Cuisinart DCC-3200 - Brews up to 14 cups. Sleek design in stainless steel and sporting the latest technology. You can program the machine to turn itself on at a certain time of day, morning or night and even set the desired temperature and brew strength. A very popular and affordable choice at around £70.

Bonavita BV1900TS - Brews up to 8 cups. Another stainless steel design that will compliment any modern kitchen. The 1500-watt heater helps maintain the perfect temp during and after brewing. Comes in at around £110

Hamilton Beach Brewstation - Sports 4 brew modes including regular, small, iced and bold. Supports one-handed pouring. Only a bargain £30!

Mr Coffee 12-Cup Maker - Another bargain machine at just £20! Fully reliable with a built in timer to make sure you get your perfect copy at the perfect time!

Keurig Coffee Maker - Perfect for those addicted to iced coffee.This one sells for around £100.

These are just handful of the excellent coffee makers out there on the market.

Different Types of Coffee Machine

You could also consider an espresso machine. These type of machines have been around since adam was a lad and are how true proper coffee should be made. Hot water is forced through the ground coffee pressure to create the perfect coffee shop style brew. However, everything has to be prepared and operated manually with no level of automation. They can also be very loud and messy requiring a great deal of cleaning after use.

A more automated, quicker and simpler option could be a coffee pod machine. These come with sealed pod pre-filled with just the right amount of coffee for a 1 cup brew. You place the pod in the machine, press the button and 1 minute later you have a fresh cup of lovely espresso, cappuccino or latte sat in front of you. What could be simpler? The pods are supplied in various blends to cater for different tastes and palettes.

There is also the bean-to-cup machine option. The clue is in the name; you simply add the unground coffee beans to the machine. It does the rest, including grinding and brewing. This offers the best of both worlds as you are getting the taste of freshly ground coffee but with the simplicity and ease of an automatic process. Win-win situation!

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Of course, once you have decided on the coffee machine you would like in your home, you must decide on what brand or brands of coffee best suit your taste. Pre-ground coffee and coffee pods can be easily purchased at your local supermarket, but a more specialist supplier is required for coffee beans. Find one in your local town by completing a simple internet search.

If you’d like to know more about where and how coffee is grown, harvested and exported from, take a look at this highly informative website for further top notch info: http://www.coffeereview.com/ This is jampacked with tips, tutorials, reviews and articles all about the wider world of coffee. It comes highly recommended.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Bye for now, I’m off for a cup of tea ;)