Choose the Right Hard Drive

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. The other week there was a huge power surge at my house that fried all of my external hard drives and now I have to replace them all. Replacing them isn’t that big of an issue, I already found lots of really good and cheap hard drives on, my favourite classified ads website. It also means that I get to start fresh with my hard drives. I can buy some really big ones, some smaller solid states or whatever I want. Maybe I will have a solid state drive to put all of the games I bought from my best games of 2016 post. I will have to put some thought into it and buy the hard drives that best suit my needs. To help anyone else who has to go through this, I have compiled a couple tips for how to choose the right hard drive for you.

samsung solid state hard drive

How Much Storage do you Need?

Quite simple, the amount of things that you need to store on your hard drives will greatly impact which ones you should get. If you are playing lots of games and need something fast and but not huge, consider getting a solid state drive like the amazing ones from Seagate. If you are doing a lot of work on your desktop then maybe you should consider adding another internal hard drive. For those frugal computer users out there, check out these Seagate Barracudas for sale on They are older drives but work very well, and you will not beat that price for 1TB of storage. I worked on these a lot when I worked in PC repair, and these drives will fail you less than pretty much any external drive you can get today. 

Barracude 1tb hard drive

What do you want to Store?

The files that you need to store will also have an affect on the storage options you should look at. If you are going to be storing tons and tons of movies, you might want to opt for a larger hard drive even if it means having it plugged into the wall. I actually love these hard drives as it is very hard for your computer to damage them. There are some really 1TB hard drives for sale on and I think I will buy two in case we get another power surge!

external powered hard drive

Spend Wisely

I have tried to inform you as much as I can, now it is all up to you. This is your hard earned cash, so spend it wisely. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you did then please check out some of my other posts such as my most recent one on Blizzard ending support for older window operating systems. Have a great day everyone, and happy shopping! I will see you again in a couple week!