Blizzard Ending Windows XP and Vista Support

Hello and welcome fellow computer enthusiasts. Thank you for coming back for yet another piece on my computers and consumer electronics blog. Today’s topic is a recent announcement from PC game kingpin Blizzard, and that they will discontinue support for older Windows systems Vista and XP for all their games. Microsoft killed Windows XP for good three years ago (rest in peace sweet prince) other companies are slowly joining in, ending the vigil for a once great operating system. Blizzard announced that later this year the company will discontinue support for games Diablo III, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm.

What to do?

Once the support for these games end, the games flat out will not work if you try and play them on a Windows XP or Vista system. It may seem like a strange decision, but ultimately makes sense given that all Blizzard games are multiplayer based. Other companies have done the same recently, such as Dropbox dropping support for Windows XP. If you are still using Windows XP as your main way of accessing the internet and play multiplayer games, it is time to move on anyways. If this applies to you, a look into Wine for Linux may be worth it. Although there is no official support from Blizzard for Linux gaming, the operating system is continuously updated and it supports aging hardware, so for tech dinosaurs it is a good starting point. Don’t be surprised if one day that doesn’t work either though. If you guys have any other suggestions leave them in the comments below. Hope this was interesting to you all, have a great day.

Diablo III